The clan of shadows (Recruiting)

The shadow bend

none yet
Sep 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader The shadow
Current Members 1+
Minimal Donation 10 (weekly)
Language english
Status Open Admittance
Clan Type Casual but Trophy Oriented
Clan Information: We are the ones who fight against the light, along sided with the darkness
we must win this war, everybody else thinks we're the bad guys, but in hell its a giant space so you can roam around free, but in heaven its just a small space of a light fortress so join us!!!
Trophy Information: if we're up against the light, WE FUCK EM UP, YOU HEAR ME!!!
Donation Information: anybody can donate :3
Recruitment Information: we fight for freedom, for everybody's freedom, FOR THE WORLD
Profile Author: Clan profile maintained by The shadow bend.