DH farming 5.1

Author patchj
Vitals Type: Farming
Stats Rating: n/a | Modifications: 218 | Views: 1,169 | Comments: 0
Created 7 years ago
I don't know why they have more building then a DH5 should have? So the buildings that are not suppose to be there are in the blue field. Very good Farming base! I like my bases to be tight so almost every dragon can have a turn at hitting something from anywhere. DH is outside to be a trash building with the rest. Only concerned about resources. All gold mines are protected with walls. Sheep barns are not so lucky, but I use gold more the sheep right now anyways. Feel free to tweak as needed. This one I tweaked form a DH5 that was made from this site. HAVE FUN!!! DH on the outside for free shield. Changes: copper dragon is now in the middle with ice dragon for more air protection.
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